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Carport installation, design, and restoration projects in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs will vary greatly in size. Some customers need a small carport to protect a compact car; others have a fleet of vehicles that they need our help protecting. At Brentwood Garages and Carports, we take on projects both big and small. Whether your carport needs some extra work or you purchased a new home that is a little sunnier than you thought, we are here to help. With the number of years we have spent in this industry; we are willing and able to take on any size project. The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are filled with garages and carports that we have completed, and we are happy to show you any of these when we meet for our consultation.

Do I Need A Carport Or A Garage?

Many people wonder what the difference is between a carport and a garage. Since our company specialises in both carports and garage building in the Melbourne area, we have no issues explaining the differences and giving you ideas as to which would be better for your situation. A garage is a fully enclosed area to store your car or other belongings.

The garage will have four walls, one of them being an opening for a car to travel through. With a carport, there will be a roof covering your car, but the sides will be open. The carport provides shade for your car, and it can easily be added to a home to match the style and design of the pre-existing home. Carport installations tend to be a little less expensive than adding a full garage to your home. Since they tend to use slightly less material, we should be able to complete your carport project in a reasonable amount of time and leave you to enjoy your new and improved outdoor space.

Why Carports Are Important In Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

It doesn’t take homeowners and business owners in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs too long to realise that without the proper cover for your car, you could end up seeing some damage. Paint chipping or rusting are among the things that could happen when a car is left out in the elements without protection. A carport is designed to keep water and sun away from your vehicle and travel away from your home as well. You will find that your car will remain in much better condition, and it will also not get quite as hot in the summer months. The money you spend on your carport will absolutely add value and function to your home.

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Melbourne Carport Builders You Can Trust

When you decide to invest in and take on a major construction project, you have to consider who it is that you are letting manage and handle this project. If you know the Melbourne area well, you know that permitting and inspections will be part of this process. At Brentwood Garages and Carports, we have been through the permitting process thousands of times, and we can help to make sure that things get completed quickly and without error. Since we are licensed carport builders, we can make sure that your carport will be structurally sound regardless of the natural elements that it is exposed to through the years.

Quality Materials Make A Difference

A carport is something that can last you many years. Using the proper material and making sure that the installation is exactly as intended is part of what sets Brentwood Garages and Carports apart from the rest. We know what works, we know what doesn’t work, and we will be honest with you about your ideas and visions for your project. If we think something will cause a problem for your home or your home value, we will let you know. Our design team works hard to make sure that when your carport installation is complete, your home looks even better than it did before. If your project requires special material or has some unique characteristics, we will make sure that it is done to your liking.

Twenty Years of Experience Building Carports in Melbourne

When it comes time to install a carport throughout the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Brentwood will be ready for you. Our high performing team is known for their attention to detail and strong customer service. We are a family run business that has been in this for over twenty years. Chances are, we have seen a project just like yours, and we have examples and testimonials to show you. Don’t hesitate to contact Brentwood today for all of your carport needs in Melbourne. We will be with you from the planning to the carport building all the way to the final inspection of the complete project.

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